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Help! What Shade of Rootflage Should I Use?

Help! What Shade of Rootflage Should I Use?

If you are in the market to freshen up your roots but feel overwhelmed by Rootflage's vast color choices, you are not alone! The #1 question we are asked, what color should I get? 

There are 5 shades of blonde, 6 shades of brown, 5 shades of red and so on. So which one will be best for you?
Great question!
It depends on what you are trying to cover and what you are trying to achieve.
If your roots are gray and your hair is light brown, you might want to match your roots exactly to the rest of your hair, or you might want to go a shade darker to golden brown or basic brown which will give it some depth and create a more natural look. 
If your roots are dark and your hair is extremely light blonde, there are a lot of ways you can go. My hair tends to pull warm, but that isn't always what I want. So I use either warm blonde or champagne blonde which are both golden and warm, since that looks the most natural on my roots right now. Then I throw in some highlights to break up the warmth with either light blonde, ice house, cool blonde, or the highly underrated mystical

before using rootflage blonde hair with dark rootsafter using rootflage champagne blonde cool blonde and mystical for the money piece

The photo on the left is before Rootflage with a few weeks of regrowth.
The photo on the right I am using cool blonde on the left side of my hair and champagne blonde on the right side of my hair and mystical as the money piece in the very front to frame my face. Using multiple colors helps create a more realistic look.
However if you need any help at all deciding on a color, we want you to send us a headshot/selfie where we can see your hair from root to tip. That will tell us your whole hair story. It also helps if you tell us what you are trying to cover and what you are hoping to achieve. Send an email to
We hope Rootflage helps you save money and extend time between appointments. That is our goal. We hope Rootflage is fun and easy for you. That is our hope. We love helping our customers, so let us know how we can help you!

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