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Good-bye Roots

30 seconds to help keep roots looking flawless.
No commitment natural or fashion hair color camouflage that lasts to the next shampoo.
Mineral based Rootflage has no harmful chemicals.
Adds body, conceals thinning hair and doubles as a dry shampoo.
Saves time and money
Rootflage conceals gray, dark or light roots between salon appointments

Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up

Rootflage ICE HOUSE Color Corrector and Brass Banisher Eliminates Yellow

One of our latest obsessions is Rootflage Ice House because it is a brass banisher and camouflages yellow tones in...

Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Is the Most Multifunctional Root Concealer

Check out this Rootflage video that shares the variety of capabilities of Rootflage temporary root touch up.     Rootflage...

channon rose using rootflage pink parade temporary hair color

Beauty Influencer Channon Rose Wears Rootflage Pink Parade For The Day

It's always a thrill to see Rootflage temporary hair color on the locks of beauty influencers, bloggers and vloggers. Especially...



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