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Your Haircare Guide to Bleaching Roots Without Overlapping

Your Haircare Guide to Bleaching Roots Without Overlapping

Hey there bleach blondes! Everyone loves a bright and sunny hue but maintaining your bleached blonde hair color can be challenging! That’s why we put together a personal guide to bleaching your roots without overlapping. We’ll explain why overlapping or bleach banding is bad and teach you how to avoid it.

Why is Bleach Overlapping Bad for Hair?

Let’s start with the basics of what bleach overlapping. Overlapping bleach on hair is incredibly damaging but unfortunately very common. When people try to retouch their hair at the root using bleach, the lightener or bleach may go over into the already color-treated hair, i.e., overlapping. This is dangerous, as it puts chemicals on top of chemicals. Overlapping bleach on hair is one of the worst things you can do for your hair because it can cause damage, breakage, or even turn while in the overlapped areas. Nobody wants that!

How to Avoid Bleach Overlapping

Professional hair colorists are usually experienced with how to avoid bleach overlapping. Visiting a salon for your bleached hair color treatments is probably the safest way to prevent bleach overlapping. Some people, however, prefer to touch up their roots on their own in a DIY type of situation. While there is nothing wrong with that, touching up your roots yourself and avoiding overlapping bleach on your hair will require a bit of skill and a second pair of hands. Grab a friend and follow these tips to bleach your hair without lightener overlap.

Before You Start:

  • Don’t wash your hair for at least 48 hours so your scalp is protected from the chemicals in the bleach mixture.
  • Choose a well-ventilated place to avoid getting dizzy from the bleach mixture fumes.
  • Choose a bleaching powder with the right amount of ammonia for your hair. The more ammonia, the more the lightening power.
  • Choose the peroxide or developer to lighten your hair. Developers range in volume from 10 to 100. The greater the volume, the lighter your roots will be.
  • Make sure you are wearing gloves while bleaching your hair.


  1. Comb your hair carefully to remove any knots.
  2. Prepare the mixture of developer and bleaching powder in a 1:1 ratio in a plastic container. Mix into a creamy consistency.
  3. Apply the mixture to your roots ONLY, covering all of the growth. Use either a dye brush or your fingers and make sure you fully cover the roots.
  4. Leave the mixture on your hair for 30 minutes MAX.
  5. Rinse your hair with lots of warm water and then use your normal shampoo and conditioner for extra moisture.

An alternative to bleaching your roots yourself and risking bleach overlap is to use a root touch up powder. Temporary root touch up solutions are perfect for keeping your hair color looking great and your hair healthy in between hair appointments. Choose from our wide selection of root touch up powders to find the shade that is just right for you.

For additional questions or a color consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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