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Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Instructions



(Be sure to protect clothing and counter with a towel.)

There is a small learning curve to applying Rootflage. After a few applications it will be a piece of cake!
Get it Flowing
get it flowingTo initially get powder flowing, tap the brush head.
Now You're Ready
Rootflage is readyOnce you see powder appear from the center of the brush you are ready to apply.
Apply It
Hold hair flat to expose your roots. Apply desired amount of Rootflage to dry OR damp hair by tapping gently on hair and pressing brush down against roots and rubbing back and forth to blend. Adjust the inner brush sleeve up to help with a more precise application. If you do not want Rootflage on your scalp, avoid applying it on your scalp. You can avoid your scalp by placing your hand along your part line or holding a q-tip flat along your part line. If applying near your face hold hair back and do not tap brush, but instead swipe brush on hair gently.
If you want an even more precise application you can unscrew the pink brush head and dip a small corner of the brush or an even smaller brush directly in the powder.
How To Use
If you are not seeing enough color payout, try putting a little product in your hair like a hair oil or serum to give Rootflage something to grab onto. 
If you are applying Rootflage Renegade beyond your roots and down to the tips of your hair, place one hand underneath the hair you are applying to and tap powder onto hair and blend downward. If you want bolder color you can unscrew the brush and dip it into the jar and apply powder onto hair. If you want a precise look you can dip a small detail brush in the powder to apply. 

Blend It
If using a blonde shade, run your fingers through your scalp for a little extra blending (if necessary). Rootflage should seamlessly blend in with your hair color. If it is not blending you do not have the correct shade of Rootflage.
Mist It
When Done
Protect bristlesWhen putting Rootflage away, use the inner sleeve to protect the pink bristles when replacing the locking lid.
Clean Up Tip
If any unwanted powder gets on your skin, Rootflage washes off easily with a wet wipe or soap and water.



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