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Renee Pelc of Gloss Hair Salon in Chicago:

"My clients really love your product! It's the best!"

Caroline Packard, Hairstylist and Color Specialist at MN8 Salon in Orange County

"Rootflage is amazing! Finding a product that my clients can use between appointments to cover roots without impacting their professional color is awesome. I recommend that every one of my clients has Rootflage on hand, which allows them to easily cover roots on a Saturday night when their next color appointment isn’t until Tuesday. I want my clients to feel beautiful from the time they leave the salon until their next appointment - and Rootflage helps make that happen."
- MN8 Salon and Day Spa, which was recently named “Best Salon” and "Best Color" in Orange County by the OC Hotlist.

Debra Dickey, Owner of Sweet Seven Organic Salon in Nashville

"Our clients love the natural look and feel and Rootflage. It goes on softly without clumping, doesn't make the hair feel dirty or greasy, and even has a little sparkle. Plus, Rootflage doesn’t use any artificial chemicals, which is a 'must' for our clients who love naturally derived beauty."

Haggle Kat wrote:

"Rootflage is a genius hair product"

The Blonde Blogger wrote:

"Rootflage completely hid the roots and gave me a gorgeous, warm blonde color immediately! I was honestly shocked as I did not think it would work that well or be that easy. I thought it would slightly lessen the darkness of the roots, but it really made them look blonde! I was hooked from first application!"

Beth's Adventures In Wonderland wrote:

"I am seriously impressed with this product. I think this product is absolutely amazing!"

Mama Momtourage wrote:


Budget Beauty wrote:

"It actually works! ...This stuff really is the best!"

Beauty Fix Mag wrote:

"I truly love this product!"

The Wee Blondie wrote:

"I used it everyday without fail and couldn't recommend it enough!"

Fitnessmomwinecountry wrote:

"I'll be darned. I give it an A/A-"


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