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Ideas For Low Maintenance Hair Colors

Ideas For Low Maintenance Hair Colors

Chances are, you have a busy enough schedule without having to fit frequent salon appointments into it. Ladies are increasingly prioritizing low maintenance hair colors when it comes to deciding on a new look. After all, who can afford to head down to the salon every six weeks for a touch up? Despite that, your roots do not care – they will grow in their own time, regardless of whether it’s convenient for you.

The good news is that we live in a time where low maintenance hair colors are on trend. The demands of a busy lifestyle have means less time to spend hours in the salon monthly, or even twice monthly! In this article, we give you some ideas for low maintenance hair colors, whether you are looking to cover up gray hairs or just want to go for something new.

“Bronde” Hair

Blonde is still the color of choice for many dark-haired beauties, but with it comes the worry of roots needing to be touched up as often as every six weeks. Enter “bronde”! This is a form of balayage or ombre hair color that starts with a dark root, and transitions to beautiful blonde ends. With this technique, people are able to keep their natural color at the top of their head, to allow for their natural roots to blend seamlessly. The ends of the hair remain a beautiful shade of yellow gold that requires only a minimal level of maintenance to remain vibrant.

Brown Ombré Hair

Not everyone who wants to dye their hair is looking to go blonde! Brown hair is the most common hair color in the world, and some are looking to embrace and enhance their natural color. Ombré has become widely popular in recent years for those looking to freshen up their look without the need to visit a salon every month. Ombré focuses a lighter color on the ends of the hair (this could be a red tone or just something lighter than their natural color), fading up to the person’s natural color at the root.

Blonde Balayage

Anyone with darker hair looking to go blonde may want to consider the balayage look. Balayage actually means to paint. This look is achieved by painting highlights freeform onto darker hair. Creating a natural transition from your roots to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, the ash blonde color is creatively applied a few inches from your roots. That way, when hair grows out, you don’t have to rush down to the salon immediately. This style will also suit anyone going for a more natural or sun-kissed look. Balayage differs a bit from ombré in that the color is applied in a more vertical pattern.

Touch Up Your Roots at Home

Although the looks in this article center around those that require minimal root touching up, inevitably there will come a time when your roots have grown too much to be ignored. When that happens, you can easily take care of the problem with our blonde root touch up powder, red touch up powder, or brown root touch up powder. All our products are cruelty-free and easy to apply, allowing you to go longer between salon appointments. These powders aren’t solely for roots, you can use it to create temporary highlights, lowlights or overall color without commitment. It literally washes right out. It is no commitment hair color fun.

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