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Top Tips For Achieving The Perfect Hair Color

Top Tips For Achieving The Perfect Hair Color

Are you considering dying your hair? Or need a touchup in between dye jobs? Maybe you are thinking of doing it yourself instead of heading down to a salon; especially if it’s just a small section that needs touching up. Great news – coloring your hair or touching up your roots at home is perfectly doable as long as you follow some tried and tested tips. 

Coloring Your Hair

When it comes to coloring your entire head of hair, not every strand is made equal. What does that mean? Simply that different parts of your hair will take a different length of time to respond to color. We lay it out for you below:

  • Roots: Most people start their dye jobs by applying color to their roots. As roots are the newest, freshest hairs on your head, the color can take a longer time to absorb.
  • Mid-Lengths: This is hair that’s already been exposed to the sun, hairdryers, styling and much more. You will find that mid-length hair is more porous, absorbing color more easily than the roots.
  • Ends: As the part of your hair that’s been through the most, the ends often take the shortest length of time to absorb color.

If applying dark hair dye, start with the roots and give it at least a 10-minute head start before doing the rest of your head. Slowly start to add more color through the rest of your hair, combing it down your mid-lengths to your ends.

Touching Up Your Roots

Touching up your roots can be trickier than coloring your hair as only a small section of hair is involved. The trick comes in ensuring that you avoid areas that have already been colored so you don’t end up creating color banding. Below are some tips to take note of:

  • Make sure you don’t miss any spots. You don’t want to end up with a section of hair that’s a different color than the rest of your head! Part your hair into small sections and ensure that color is applied evenly on each strand.
  • Avoid applying color on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. As mentioned above, these sections of hair absorb color at different rates. Furthermore, applying dye on hair that has already been colored can result in darker strands at the ends and lighter strands on top.

Managing Hair Color and Touchups at Home

Is the hair on your head dark, blonde or red? Regardless of your natural color, you are going to need regular touchups to keep your hair color looking fresh and presentable. Whether you need blonde root touch ups or red root touch ups, you can be sure to find something that suits your needs at Rootflage. All our products are cruelty-free and easy to apply, allowing you to go longer between salon appointments.

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