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Ways To Touch Up Your Roots At Home

Ways To Touch Up Your Roots At Home

If there’s anything the past few months has shown us, it’s that we all have to learn to adapt to a new normal. What this means for most people is infrequent trips out of the house. As a result, you may have neglected the state of your hair, particularly if it’s colored. However, most people do find that paying attention to their personal appearance – even if it’s just to sit at home – can do wonders for their self-esteem! In this article, we share with you some ways you can touch up your roots at home when salon appointments are not possible or practical.

Try Root Touch Up Powder

Understandably, many people are worried about botching their hair color when it comes to touching up roots at home. There’s no need to worry when you try Rootflage’s root touch up powder because it is temporary. The application is fast and easy, requiring only 30 seconds. With an array of different colors to choose from, you can be sure to find one that suits your hair color when you shop with us.

  • Blonde Root Touch Up: The biggest concern about bleached hair is the tendency for it to go “yellow” if proper care isn’t taken. This is most pertinent to blonde, silver and platinum hair of any shade. Luckily, with Rootflage’s blonde root touch up powders, you can easily solve this problem.
  • Black and Brown Root Touch Up: For the ladies with darker colored hair, do not worry if you are having trouble selecting a product that suits you. At Rootflage, we offer free color consultations to recommend the most suitable colored powder for you. This color will stay on until you shampoo it off, making it the perfect solution for at-home touchups!
  • Red Root Touch Up: Ladies with red-toned colored hair, from strawberry blonde to a bright fiery red, will understand the desire to keep it bright and shiny at all times. Whether your roots are light or dark, instantly restore them to the vibrant brightness of the rest of your hair with our red root touch up powders.

Try A Temporary Hair Color

If you are considering a new look but want to give it a try before committing, why not pick out the color of your choice and test it at home? As the color from our powders wash off after shampooing, they are perfect for testing out a new look you have yet to make up your mind about.

  • Fun Colors: From pink to blue, try out the color of your heart’s desire before heading down to the salon and dyeing your whole head. Many of our fun colors show on even the darkest hair.
  • Highlights: If you are looking to give your blonde hair a platinum blonde money piece pop with a bit of shimmer, try out our Just Shimmer highlight powder.

Touch Up Your Roots at Home

If you have colored hair, there will come a point in time when your roots need touching up regardless of your natural color. All our products are cruelty-free and easy to apply, allowing you to go longer between salon appointments.

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