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How to Salvage Damaged Bleached Hair

How to Salvage Damaged Bleached Hair

Bleaching your hair is a quick and effective way to lighten hair color. The bleaching process makes the hair a blank slate; meaning you can dye your hair almost any color you want. Unfortunately, bleaching your hair can be intense, and often leaves people with broken, weak, and damaged hair. If you have been bleaching your hair for a while and are looking for ways to salvage it, the good news is that it’s not too late!

Rehydrating Bleached Hair

The key to fixing damaged bleached hair is understanding why it’s in this condition to begin with. Bleaching hair strips it of water and moisture to pull out color and lighten it. While this may give you the desired, bleached blonde look you’re going for, it could also lead to major breakage. The first step to repairing damaged hair is to rehydrate it. Whether through a salon or on your own, try an intensive protein treatment to restore strength, hydration, and moisture. This is a great solution for not only bleached hair, but also for people who regularly use heat styling tools or dye their hair frequently.

Shampoo Hair Less Often

Not washing your hair every day is good for so many reasons, one of which being that it can help salvage damaged, bleached hair. While every other day is okay, the suggested number of times to wash your hair per week is about two. Not only will shampooing your hair less frequently help preserve the color, but it is also a great way to help hair recover after bleaching. Over-washing hair reduces its natural oils and dries it out even further. Many people use dry shampoos to help manage oil and prevent hair from looking greasy in between washes. Dry shampoos are great for absorbing excess oil while giving your hair the refresh it needs. One of the cool things about Rootflage’s blonde root touch up powders is that they double as dry shampoos!

Avoid Excessive Hair Dyeing

We know how hard it is to avoid the salon at the first sign of your roots growing in. The second someone sees that their roots are starting to show, the natural reaction is to book a hair appointment at the salon. While we understand the temptation, overdyeing your already damaged bleached blonde hair will do nothing to prevent it from breaking even further. In fact, adding more harsh chemicals and dyes to bleached hair will probably damage it even further. If your bleached hair is weak, broken, or otherwise damaged, try extending the amount of time between your hair dye appointments. Even just getting your roots done may not give your hair the real reset it needs to recover.  Instead, use a root touch up powder to help disguise grown-in roots in between hair appointments. Rootflage has a huge selection of root touch up powder colors, making it easier to extend the amount of time you wait before going to the salon again. We have multiple shades of blonde root touch up powders, ranging from super light Ice House to moderate Warm Blonde to gentle Sun Kissed.

Sometimes all your damaged, bleached hair needs is a chance to restore and repair itself. There’s no need to give up the color you want. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be back on your way to healthy hair in no time!

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