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How To Disguise Gray Hair With Highlights

How To Disguise Gray Hair With Highlights

It can be a game of hide and seek that never seems winnable when dealing with gray hair. Some lucky ladies don't have to think about it until their 60’s or older, while others start noticing premature gray hair or two or three (or more) in their 20s. While hide and seek may have been fun in your childhood, as an adult – and as it applies to gray hair – it's nowhere near as entertaining.

Gray is a very trendy color for 2020. But not everyone wants that gray look. Many women feel their gray hair simply makes them look older or washes them out. Who needs that!?

To hide gray hair, women are going with highlights. Let's check out that option. We’ll also introduce you to a handful of other tips for hiding your gray.

Hide It With Highlights

Whether you have gone entirely gray or simply have a few gray hairs sprinkled in, it can be equally as frustrating –The solution to hiding gray can be anything but a one-size-fits-all option.

To disguise your gray hair you can either head to your favorite salon or do it yourself! You can pick up highlighting kits at almost any grocery store or drug store. You can always find what you need on Amazon. If you do it yourself you can control exactly where the highlight goes, from root to tip. You can get dimensional highlights whether you're an expert or a beginner. To create full or partial highlights, using a "pull-through cap", you can create your own dramatic or subtle look.

Root Powders or Spray

Colored root touch up powders and sprays are another great option. The concept is simple. Apply the product where you want to conceal the gray. Whether just on the roots or anywhere you want an instant pop of color without major commitment. Choose a soft natural shade that will blend it with your gray and keep it looking non-obvious. You can also test out other shades that you have always wanted to try before committing.

Don't Discount Lowlights For Hiding Gray Hair!

Yes, lots of ladies today use highlights to help hide gray hair. However, lowlights can be effective as well. So popular and doable is this option that Oprah Magazine even included an article on it! (The article also refers to hairstyles.)

Lowlights are a few shades darker (unlike highlights) adding dimension. Quite the opposite of bright, traditional highlights, lowlights can give you a more natural look. Occasionally, some ladies have problems with highlights turning their hair yellow or giving it a brassy look. If that happens, you can tone it down with Instafix.

If monthly trips to the salon are out of the question, low lights could be a better option, as well. A more long-lasting, natural look can be created by lowlights, which bring out your natural base tones.

Ladies Night Out?

Shimmer! That's right, there are super fun hair gels, sprays and powders on the market today that contain shimmer and glitter. Before you hit the town, consider adding some fun festive flair to your hair!

Note: There are loads of temporary touchups on the market for covering gray hair today.

For some ladies, however, it can be as simple as switching up their hairstyle. Some of you may want to try this before delving into other options. (Example – part your hair in a different location.)


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