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Maintaining platinum blonde hair has never been easier!

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Platinum blonde hair is one of the most difficult colors to maintain, until now.


Rootflage Ice House is a magical product for platinum white blondes. It is a 4 in one product. It brightens dark roots, tones down brassiness, fills in thinning hair and doubles as a dry shampoo. It is a must for your blonde hair arsenal. It is perfect for when you want to give your hair a break from bleaching and toning, or when you are traveling or don't have time to get into the salon. The crazy part is that so few people know about this product because we are a boutique brand. But there is no reason every single platinum blonde shouldn't know about Rootflage. Oh and Rootflage temporary root touch up powder comes in over 25 colors, so there is something for everyone! Feel free to share this amazing product with any of your friends who you think could use it. 

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