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How to Fix Hot Brassy Roots - a Life Lesson from Barbie

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Barbie has been going to a salon professional for years to keep her blonde hair looking perfect. This time she decided to save a little money and dye it herself.
Barbie used a box dye.
Things didn't go so well for Barbie.
Barbie looked in the mirror only to see 'hot roots' looking right back at her. Bright orange brassy roots that didn't match the color on the box, or the rest of her blonde hair.
Barbie was shocked at her results and was freaking out.
She called her professional hair colorist in a panic explaining her hair mishap and asked if her colorist could fix them ASAP. Her colorist was sorry, but she was booked solid for a week and couldn't fit Barbie in.
Barbie started to cry, she had a date with Ken that night and couldn't show up looking like this. Barbie started to think of her friend's stylists she could maybe call to see if they could help her, but then
her hair stylist said something interesting.
She told Barbie about a quick fix remedy called ROOTFLAGE, a temporary root touch up powder.
She explained that the color ICE HOUSE was brass banishing and that Barbie could hide the brass until she had her appointment in the salon the next week.
Barbie tried Rootflage on half of her hair. Instantly Barbie could see that Rootflage was helping!
Barbie with Rootflage ICE HOUSE on half of her hair
Barbie felt relieved! She couldn't believe how quick and easy Rootflage was to apply either. It took one minute for her to temporarily fix what she had done to her hair.
As a wave of relief came over her, Barbie felt back to normal.
She knew she didn't have to worry anymore.
Now all she he has to do is clean up her eyebrows
and find something suitable to wear.
She was excited for her big date with Ken and to go to her salon appointment next week where she could thank her girl for introducing her to Rootflage.

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