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Debunking the 3 Biggest Myths About Grey Hair

Debunking the 3 Biggest Myths About Grey Hair

Greying hair is a natural part of the aging process. While some people choose to cover up their greys by dying their hair using temporary root touch up powders to color their roots, others choose to embrace their natural greys. Whatever you choose, it is important to be aware of the myths that are out there surrounding grey hair and why many of them are simply untrue.

#1 There’s Nothing You Can Do About Coarse Grey Hair

Many people find that their hair feels coarser once it starts to go grey. While this roughness may be apparent, the truth is that the structure of the hair’s strands has not actually changed. What has changed is the porosity and dryness of the hair. As the hair color changes and turns grey, hair follicles tend to dry out due to a reduced amount of natural oil that is being produced. Less hydrated hair tends to be drier, resulting in a wiry texture. One way to help preserve hair’s natural oils is to wash hair less often. Using root touch up powders as substitutes for dry shampoos is a great way to soak up excess oil without stripping away the natural oil production process.

#2 Coloring Your Hair Will Ruin Hair Once It Goes Grey

This hair color myth holds little to no weight, and for good reason. Grey hair is new hair, meaning it grows in at the root. Just as any other color hair would grow in, new grown-in hair cannot be altered until it has been treated. While excessively coloring the existing hair someone has on their head may lead to hair damage over time, dyeing one’s hair has not been shown to effect the growth, consistency, or makeup of new, grown-in greys. The only thing that could impact the quality of grey hair as it relates to coloring is adding color on top of grey hair. While there is no proof that grey hair specifically becomes more or less affected by coloring, it is important to remember that over coloring any hair, grey or not, can damage it if done in excess over time.

#3 Going Grey Will Be a Tough Transition

There is truth to the fact that choosing to let your hair go grey could be mentally and emotionally challenging, but it doesn’t have to be as tough of a process as you think. There are plenty of ways to soften the blow and make the transition to grey hair more seamless. Some people choose to lighten their hair color to help make grown-in greys appear less noticeable. Others use root touch up powders that are close to their natural hair color to ease their way into it. Whether your hair is blonde, brown, red, black, or somewhere in between, root touch up products can make going grey feel less jarring for anyone.

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