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Current Obsession, Rachel Yarmosh Sporting Rootflage Mermaid Hair

Current Obsession, Rachel Yarmosh Sporting Rootflage Mermaid Hair

We get so excited when we see bloggers using our product, especially when they look as ridiculously gorgeous as Rachel Yarmosh Bi-Coastal Beauty Blogger.

Rootflage Peacock Blue Mermaid Hair

Rachel used Rootflage Peacock Blue here and explains how Rootflage has "AMAZING color payoff" and that it is "super easy, super convenient and super fast". And that "such a magical product does exist". Rachel loves it as "a beauty hack". When she isn't putting fun blue shades in her hair she uses Rootflage Ice House as a root touch up for her icy silver toned blonde hair.

In fact Rachel says:

"Besides the most magical colors ever, 
my favorite part is probably the fact it feels 
similar to a dry shampoo in my hair!
Instead of weighed down - my hair is fuller,
more voluminous, and the mineral powder absorbs
any oil so it prolongs your blowout!"


Ok....How awesome is that?

Rachel, Rootflage loves you baby. You are a girl after our own heart.

Who else thinks Rachel is the cutest mermaid in all of the land? Be sure to give Rachel an Insta follow @missyarmosh.

While you are at it if you aren't already give Rootflage an Insta follow as well!



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