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4 Ways to Grow Out Gray Hair Gracefully

4 Ways to Grow Out Gray Hair Gracefully

It's a growing trend, ditching your dyed hair color for your natural gray hair. But how can you get from point A to point B, and grow your gray hair out gracefully?

Letting your natural gray hair grow out sounds like most liberating thing for some people to do. And why not? Gray hair can be extremely flattering plus there is no denying the maintenance is MUCH easier. Plus, think of all the time and money you will save!

Here are four ways to grow out your gray hair gracefully without showing the giant skunk gray stripe. 

  1. Use Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Powder to match your (blonde, brown or red) dyed hair color that is growing out and bring that color up to your roots. Rootflage makes it easy to cover large sections of gray hair utilizing the kabuki brush to cover your roots.   Use Rootflage Smoky Blonde to cover grays
  2. If your roots are gray and you want to accentuate that and bring that color into your already dyed hair, use Rootflage Temporary Hair Color in Titanium. If your roots are growing out white, use Rootflage Ice House. Apply Rootflage through your dyed hair to give your hair a softened gray and more natural look.                                                      
  3. If you haven't already, you may want to consider dying your hair blonde before growing out your gray. It makes the contrast much less stark and less noticeable. Talk about your game plan with your hair salon, they will advise what is best for you.
  4. Another trick to grow out your gray without drawing a ton of attention to your hair is to part your hair on one side for several months and dye just the hair exposed on the top of your head along the part line. Meanwhile your grays will be growing out in other parts of your hair unbeknownst to everyone else. They may see some gray popping through, but it will hide the drastic gray skunk line. Then when your hair has grown out enough for your to debut your new do, you can change your part and reveal the new gray you!

Do you have any gray tips or suggestions to share?


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