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Rootflage is THE Blonde Hair Specialist

Roots are for trees.

But now luckily, it couldn't be easier to stay blonde longer with Rootflage, the fun and foolproof blonde powder root touch up!

There are several shades of blonde out there. If you are blonde you probably know exactly what I am talking about.

Rootflage has completely honed in on every blondes needs with 3 gorgeous shades of blonde.

We want to help you choose the right shade for you.

Platinum and extremely light blondes can use Rootflage Light Blonde formula.

Beige or ashy blondes who are trying to stay away from warmth in their hair will love Rootflage Cool Blonde.

Caramel or honey blondes will love Rootflage Warm Blonde.

But if you don't know what shade you should order you can email our experts at with a picture of your hair and we will let you know what shade will work best for you.

Rootflage has you covered.

Finally a root touch up product that is specific to blondes!


Rootflage is THE Blonde Hair Specialist

Quick. Hide those roots.





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