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Siren Red Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up and Hair Color .31 oz

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Product Type: Temporary Root Touch Up

Vendor: Rootflage


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Rootflage Siren Red Temporary Root Touch Up and Hair Color is the best root touch up and temporary hair color for vibrant bright red hair color for the day without the color commitment! 

Use it as a root touch up, gray coverage or hide dark roots, or use it for a fun pop of color anywhere on your hair! Rootflage is so fun and washes out. Rootflage Siren Red is highly pigmented hair color powder and works on all hair colors.

  • 9 grams / .31oz of Rootflage hair powder will hide root regrowth and temporarily brighten your roots to blend with your hair for approximately 60 applications.
  • Use to change up your hair color for the day. Perfect for the weekend warrior or someone with color commitment issues.
  • Versatile application, comes with large kabuki brush and mini detail brush.
  • Create red highlights on gray, light or dark hair.
  • Wear until you wash it out.
  • Portable, easy and awesome.
  • Perfect for Halloween, festivals, school spirit or sporting events
  • Cruelty free and vegan


Don't know which color of Rootflage is right for your hair?  Email a photo of your hair and we can help you find the right color.


Rootflage is a luminous pigmented, quick-fix temporary root touch up powder with no harmful chemicals that will hide root regrowth, blend away your gray roots and buy you time before you color your hair. Forget matted mascaras or sticky sprays, Rootflage will add volume to your hair and leave it silky and soft without damaging your locks.


It is very important to read and follow the directions before applying. There is a learning curve to applying Rootflage.

How to apply:

3 ways to apply Rootflage Siren Red! (Be sure to protect your clothing and counter with a towel.)

  • Hold hair flat exposing roots. Apply Rootflage directly onto dry or wet hair by gently tapping pink brush head, brushing powder onto roots and blending. Powder will come through a small hole in the center of the brush. Slide the brush sleeve up for more control over powder. When applying by face pull hair back and use a swiping motion instead of tapping. 
  • Apply Rootflage by carefully unscrewing pink brush head and dipping corner of pink brush into powder. Apply powder to your roots and blend with pink brush.
  • For a detailed application unscrew pink brush head (or Rootflage refill lid) and dip a small precision brush into powder and apply to your roots, blend with brush.

If you prefer not having Rootflage on your scalp, apply carefully covering your part line with your hand or a hold a q-tip flat along your part line.

Apply a light mist of hairspray to help eliminate pigment on your fingers, scalp or pillow. If it gets on your hands, wash well with soap and water.

Please note this particular shade of Rootflage is not water resistant.

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