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How To Dye Your Hair Blonde

How To Dye Your Hair Blonde

Unless you belong to the small percentage of people who are naturally blonde, almost everyone has toyed with the idea of going blonde at some point in their lives. In fact, it’s probably the most consistent hair trend of all time: dark-haired celebrities seem to go blonde almost overnight! The truth is that it’s often easier said than done, especially if your natural hair color is very dark.

So, you have decided you want to dye your hair blonde, but where do you start? In this article, we share with you some considerations before dyeing your hair blonde and give you some tips on how you should go about achieving it.

What is Your Natural Hair Color?

Unless your hair is already light, chances are you will need to go through several rounds of bleaching to get your desired blonde color. Depending on how light you want to go, this can start from two sessions and go up to as many as four to do it safely. If your hair has red or orange undertones, you will likely require two to three rounds of bleaching to get your desired color. As everyone’s hair is different, from texture to thickness, how your hair responds to bleach will vary based on several factors.

How Is Your Hair Health?

Is your hair particularly dry or brittle? Has it been colored before? Do you use heat on your hair often? If so, you may want to take some caution before dyeing your hair blonde. Nevertheless, if you want to forge ahead into the blonde abyss, we recommend going to a professional colorist who can assess the condition of your hair and let you know the best way to go about it.  They are the experts afterall.

Should I Do it Myself or at A Salon?

Most professionals do not recommend bleaching your own hair at home. However, with the increasing prevalence of remote working, many are trying DIY home bleaching kits.

If you have gotten your hair bleached in a salon before, you will know it’s an extremely long and tedious process involving a precise brush, foil and bonding treatments. And even then, some level of damage can still be expected. Box dye kits are usually not the way to go either. There are a number of beauty supply stores open to the public that you should purchase some professional-quality products from if you are attempting to bleach your hair at home.

How Long Should I Go in Between Rounds of Bleaching?

Anyone with brown or black hair will usually need more than one round of bleaching to achieve their desired color. Often, the first round will simply be an application of bleach, with a toner and your desired color being applied during subsequent sessions. This is because most colors show up better and more vibrantly on bleached hair. After your first round of bleaching, your salon will advise you to book your next appointment 1-2 weeks after. It’s advisable not to go too long in between appointments to prevent your roots from growing out too much and your bleached hair from turning yellow.

How to Stay A Blonde Bombshell.

Once you have finally achieved your desired level of blonde, then it comes down to general blonde maintenance. You will want to invest in a good purple shampoo to keep the tone from going to brassy. Also a good hair serum and deep conditioner are essential to keep your hair happy and healthy.  Then you can expect to return to the salon every 4-6 weeks for a root touch up. You can extend the visits to the salon by a week or two by using a good temporary root touch up that won’t damage your hair.



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