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How Do You Hide Gray Roots Between Colorings?

How Do You Hide Gray Roots Between Colorings?

Lately, when you look in the mirror, do you say "Hurray!", or " Ugh… gray.”? Your hair is your crown and you want to make sure you feel good about it. When you have a good hair day, it sets a positive tone for the rest of your day. For those of you who aren’t ready to go gray and you color your hair, then you have the task of keeping up with roots.

After coloring your hair, your roots can start to show in as little as 1 to 3 weeks. That depends on the product you're using, your hair health, and how fast it grows. Dying your hair every couple of weeks isn't good for it, no matter how healthy today's products claim to be. Additionally, it doesn't seem to make sense to dye every inch of every hair on your head when it's only the roots that are presenting a problem.

Enter "Touchup Products"! Sometimes referred to as "color minis", these demi-permanent hair dye kits are used to cover the gray that is growing out at your roots. Most, if not all, are quick and easy to use. Depending on which type you go with, however, they are not particularly long-lasting.

We talked with a number of women who use multiple ways to touch up their gray roots. Here are the types of products they recommended (brand names not included), though some still prefer to see their stylist as needed.

Powders, and Pencils, and Sprays… Oh My!

Yes, all three of these can be used to touch up gray roots.


Currently on the market are a number of "stick" products:

  • Pencil color stick, which is chubby in nature, can be used to zero in on problem gray hairs. It can also be used as an eyebrow pencil. Bonus!
  • Markers that are similar to the pencil, good for honing in on a small problem spot.
  • Another option is a gel touchup tube. Just let it dry after you apply.
  • Mascara touch ups can be used to cover wild wiry gray strands.


That brings us to touchup sprays. Sprays work quickly and cover really well. They can get a little messy and feel heavy in your hair. Most sprays are not water resistant.


When gray starts to peek through, another option is powder. Go with proven, reputable products for the best results. (Recommendation: Rootflage, a temporary root touchup.) These usually wash out the next day or, after 24 to 36 hours, simply wear out.

These are exactly what they sound like. They are different colored powders that are used to touch up your gray roots. They are quickly and easily brushed into place and are an excellent temporary solution. In addition, they conceal thinning hair, and are often water resistant. These can be used as a dry shampoo, as well as thinning hair concealer, assuring extended coverage. Also they have almost every hair color combination under the sun.

Touchups in General

When using root touchup products, it won't hurt to do a little bit of research. At the very least, read the ingredients label. Some of these products may have harsh chemicals. We live in a toxic world. It is up to us to do our due diligence and make sure we are doing what is right for us and our bodies. When choosing a root touch up look for no peroxide or ammonia.

That could help you last a little longer between hairstylist appointments, while saving the health and integrity of your hair.


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