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What to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Dark

What to Consider Before Dyeing Your Hair Dark

Who doesn’t love healthy and mysterious raven locks? Have you been thinking about dyeing your hair a dramatic dark brown or a bold jet black? It can be exciting to switch up your look, but there are several things to consider before making the switch. In addition to a few other elements, complexion and natural hair color should all be factored into your decision to darken your hair. This article sheds a light some of the most important things to keep in mind when going dark. 

Choose Your Shade Carefully

What dark shade of hair color are you thinking of? Jet black, chocolate brown, mahogany, or something else entirely? Have you considered whether you want blue or red undertones? For people with naturally light complexions, going with a very dark hair color like jet black may be too stark of a contrast against fair or pale skin.  Instead, start out with a medium brown color to test the waters. See how your hair, eyes, and skin work with the new color and then think about a potentially darker hue.

The Health of Your Hair

Hair that tends to be brittle and dry could have high porosity, making the products you choose for shine, strength, and overall hair health especially important. If your hair is overly porous in one area the color will absorb more at first and look uneven, and then release the color the quickest too leaving it lighter. So, it can be a little unpredictable. There are many conditioning and moisturizing products available on the market to help, but it is still important to know the quality and condition of your hair before committing to a new hair color, as the color could significantly change your haircare routine. But if you continue to dye your hair dark over time, the color will eventually start to look more even.

Hair Texture

Is your hair naturally straight, curly, or somewhere in between? Curly hair generally requires less dye than wavy or straight hair because its volume makes it better able to reflect light. That said, all kinds of hair can look great in a darker shade. The main thing to note is how the process might need to be altered due to hair texture.  

Want to Try It Out Before Committing?

If you want to darken your hair but are hesitant because you are unsure if you will like it, try something temporary. Rootflage’s root touch up powders are temporary coloring solutions that can be used on any hair type to get temporary color. Pro tip. We do recommend if you are planning on putting dark color all over light hair color, use a warm base tone, that way it will look more natural and less ashy. Even if you want your hair black, start with a reddish tone like merlot or medium brown, and then go over it with black.  Regardless of whether your goal is to cover up roots or try out a new hair color, our root powders are a fun and easy product for colored hair. They are easy to apply and do not contain any damaging or harsh chemicals.  Best of all, root touch up powders from Rootflage wash out with shampoo, making them the temporary hair dye solution you have been looking for.  

Try Out Dark Hair Colors with Rootflage

If you’re new to dark hair, having quality products to touch up your roots is a must. Whether you need something for black root touch ups or brown root touch ups, Rootflage has the perfect product. All our products are vegan and cruelty-free. They’re low maintenance and are quick to apply. With over 30 colors from which to choose, all you need to do to get your new hair color is send us a picture of your current hair color and the color you want. From there, we’ll provide a free consultation to help you make just the right hair color decision.

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