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Touching Up Dark Roots with Bleached Blonde Hair

Touching Up Dark Roots with Bleached Blonde Hair

Being a bleached blonde can be fun but maintaining your roots can be challenging if your natural hair is a significantly darker shade. The contrast between the two colors can be stark, causing frequent trips to the salon or regular root touch ups at home. We have some tips for extending the lifespan of a dye job and making it easy to keep your bleached blonde hair looking great even with dark roots.

How Often Do I Need to Touch Up Roots for Blonde Hair?

Contrary to what many people think, bleached blonde hair does not need to be touched up immediately upon the first sign of root growth. The sweet spot in terms of the length of dark roots against bleach blonde hair is half an inch.  Any shorter and you risk over-dyeing hair. Any longer and the coloring may change, causing it to become resistant to the new hue. From a time perspective, ½ an inch usually equates to four week intervals, but it is important to remember that everyone’s rate of hair growth is unique and individual.

The Coloring Process

The coloring process for touching up bleached blonde roots will be the same as what was done to your hair when it was first colored. First, you will have to bleach your hair to lighten it. After that, a toner matching the color of the rest of your hair is applied to neutralize the yellow tone of the bleach. Bleach should always be applied by sectioning the hair.

Looking for Another Solution?

There are other options if bleaching and toning your hair every four weeks sounds like too much work. For a simple and convenient way to touch up your roots with blond hair, consider Rootflage root touch up powders. Our root touch up powders require zero bleaching and can be applied in seconds, saving you both time and money. Quickly get the temporary hair color you want and maintain your look without making a trip to the salon. Cover up dark roots or greys with this easy-to-use hair color solution.  Some of our colors provide full coverage, while others will help soften the contrast of your roots, like a root lift or base bump. Either option is a damage free worry free way to extend time between coloring your hair.

Quick and Simple Root Touch Ups with Rootflage

Are you looking for the perfect blonde root touch up product? Is bleaching or toning your hair on a regular basis getting to be too much? Rather than heading to the hair salon every few weeks either, why not touch up your roots with Rootflage? Our hair color products are effective, safe, and cruelty-free. We have a team of experts on hand to help with your color selection; just send us a picture of your hair and we’ll give you a free color consultation. Those looking to try out new and fun colors may also want to experiment with our trendy highlighters.

For any questions about our products or for color recommendations, feel free to contact us today. Email us at

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