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The Salons are Closing Again, Now What?

The Salons are Closing Again, Now What?

Salon shutdowns are happening for the second time and everyone is understandably freaking out. Especially if you need to color your hair every few weeks you need a solution. If you aren't comfortable dying your hair yourself, the last thing you want to do is ruin it by a bad DIY dye job. The best way to keep your hair looking it's best without completely undoing your colorist's hard work is to use a temporary root touch up or temporary hair color in the meantime. It's foolproof.

Rootflage is the best root touch up for anyone who wants to quickly and easily cover root regrowth. In less than a minute you can conceal large or small areas without using any harsh chemicals. You can conceal stubborn gray or ever lighten and brighten dark roots. You can mimic highlights or low lights all without damaging your hair. Rootflage works as a dry shampoo and can help fill in thinning hair.

If you are uncertain what color is best for you we can help you choose the best match. 

The world is an uncertain place, but at least you can feel confident about your hair in the meantime. 

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