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The Best Hair Color for Your Eye Color

The Best Hair Color for Your Eye Color

When choosing a new hair color, there are so many avenues you could go down. Some people dye their hair according to their skin tone or complexion while others choose hair color based on their eyes. The good news is that there is no single right way to choose hair color. That said, the color of your hair can do wonders for bringing out your eyes and really make them pop. Anyone can enhance their eyes with the right hair color. Find out about the best hair colors for blue eyes, green and hazel eyes, and brown eyes with this guide. 

Best Hair Colors for Blue Eyes

Bring out baby blues with just the right hair color. Strawberry blond or a fiery red is great when paired with blue eyes. This is because blue is directly across the color wheel from orange, so the two will balance each other out perfectly. Another great hair color option for blue eyes is platinum blond or something slightly sun kissed. Last but not least, no one can overlook a dark, rich brown hair color mixed with piercing blue eyes. Try out this look and it’s sure to get you some positive attention.

Best Hair Colors for Green or Hazel Eyes

People with green eyes can choose from a wide variety of hair colors to help bring out their eyes. Warm hues like caramel, honey, and light brown are great complements for green and hazel eyes, as both have earthy undertones. Chocolate brown as a hair color can also be perfect when mixed with hazel eyes to provide a beautiful contrast and really make eyes stand out. For a seriously dramatic statement, try black hair with green eyes. This rare combination is sure to get everyone turning heads.

Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are distinctively unique in the sense that some brown eyes are very light while others are much darker. The type of brown eyes you have will determine the best hair color to help them make a statement. Golden brown eyes mix perfectly with warm brunettes all the way to golden blondes. A rich honey would also do well when paired with brown eyes, as would any hair color with amber tones to play up the natural highlights within the eyes. People with brown eyes can also be some of the most stunning redheads. While redheads are typically thought of to have blue or green eyes, red hair and brown eyes can be a gorgeous combination when the hair color is a rich mahogany.

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