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Rootflage Isn't Just For Roots!

Rootflage Isn't Just For Roots!

Rootflage has been covering roots since 2012. but did you know that Rootflage can be used to create temporary highlights, low lights and overall hair color? With over 20 colors to choose from, you can test out a new hair color before you decide to go permanent, without the long term damage. You can ombre your hair, color melt, dip dye, re-create a latest hair trend or make a new trend of your own! You can tone down brassy hair or enhance your color. You can use Rootflage to fill in thinning hair as well! Don't forget that Rootflage also works as a dry shampoo!

With our large kabuki brush for application to bigger areas and a precision brush for any detailed areas you have the most flexible application possible.

Your hair is your canvas! Create! Be inspired! Have fun! #yourhairisyourcanvas #unleashyourinnerunicorn #quickhidethoseroots

Be sure to follow @Rootflage on Rootflage Isn’t Just For Roots!Rootflage Isn’t Just For Roots!Rootflage Isn’t Just For Roots!

rootflage temporary hair color

 Colors featured Rootflage Pink Parade and Rootflage Purple Reign


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