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How to Fix Brassy Orange Roots with Rootflage Titanium and Ice House

How to Fix Brassy Orange Roots with Rootflage Titanium and Ice House

Do you need a quick fix for neutralizing orange roots? 

Are you in a panic because you bleached your own hair and now your hair looks brassy? 

I decided to bleach my own hair, and it went terribly wrong. I wanted to lift my roots to a nice cool ashy blonde and I was feeling confident after watching a couple YouTube tutorials on how to do just that. Well let me tell you, my roots looked nothing like the cool ashy blonde I wanted, my roots turned orange. It was a hair disaster!

Logically I tried toning them with toner and my hair was too dark orange for that, so it did nothing. I didn't want to put more bleach in my hair in fear that I might fry my hair off. I knew I needed to get back into the salon to see a professional to fix my orange hair. But I couldn't get an appointment for a couple of weeks!

I turned to Rootflage. I usually use cool blonde, light blonde or champagne blonde to lift my brown hair, but with my new orange base, the colors looked off in my hair. Those colors kind of helped, but it looked too warm and too yellow.

So I tried using Rootflage Titanium and Rootflage Ice House instead, and the result was FANTASTIC!

Rootflage is the best instant fix for concealing, touching up and toning unwanted brassy hair. I was able to turn my orange brassy hair to a neutralized ashy blonde using Rootflage Titanium and I was able to add dimension and platinum Blonde highlights using Rootflage Ice House. There is no guess work. It was easy to do and everyone should know that there is a quick and easy solution for hiding orange brassy hair without using more chemicals or bleach.

Here is a quick video showing you how Titanium and Ice House instantly neutralized my orange hair and allowed me to hide my hot roots with dimension until I could get back into the salon to see a hair professional.


Rootflage worked as a wonderful quick fix to take my hair from brassy to classy!

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