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How Often Do You Need to Touch Up Your Roots?

How Often Do You Need to Touch Up Your Roots?

Dyeing your hair a fresh new color is perfect for those looking to instantly upgrade their look. Whether you’re a brunette going blonde or just looking to cover up greys, one thing remains true: if you are dyeing your hair, your roots are going to eventually show. How quickly your roots show depends on a number of factors, including how fast your hair grows, and how different your natural hair color is from the color you are dyeing it. Here is some info about how often you should touch up your roots.

When to Get a Root Touch Up at a Salon

We’ll start with the basics of dyeing your hair at the salon. The average time frame for root touch ups is between four to six weeks. This is when most people see a noticeable contrast between their roots and their dyed hair color. Keep in mind that this varies based on the color of your natural hair, the color of your dyed hair, the rate at which your hair grows, and your personal preference. Some people don’t mind letting their roots grow in and show, while others want to cover up their roots immediately. Another consideration is the hair color technique. Single process hair coloring requires a different root touch up schedule than something like a balayage or ombre. It’s best to speak with your hair colorist to determine the best root touch up schedule for your needs.

How to Extend the Lifetime of Your Hair Color In Between Dye Jobs

Once you have determined how often you’ll need to touch up your roots (either at the salon or on your own), you may want to look into different ways to extend the lifetime of your hair color in between dye jobs. Sometimes a glaze, a gloss, or a balance can be all you need. Hair glazes and glosses are designed for colored hair to help condition the hair while keeping it moisturized and shiny. Balances replenish previously colored hair to help it return to its natural richness.

Temporary Root Touch Up Solutions

A great DIY solution for touching up your roots in between dye jobs is to go with a temporary root touch up powder. Conceal light, dark, or gray roots, fill in thinning hair, and even use it as a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. Temporary root touch up solutions help make roots less noticeable while also breathing life and volume back into your hair. Root touch up powders are easy to apply (30 second applications!), temporary, and non-damaging.

Choose from over 30 shades of root touch up powders from Rootflage today! Touch up your roots and keep your hair looking its best in between salon appointments. Contact us today to learn more.

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