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Hopping on the Pastel Hair Trend

Hopping on the Pastel Hair Trend

2020 was the year for experimenting with fun and new hair trends. While we are now well into 2021, the pastel hair trend has stuck around. Pretty and lively, pastel hair color is a unique way to spice up your tresses. Before you dive into dyeing your hair pastel, however, there are some things to keep in mind. Hop on the pastel hair trend while making sure it looks the best it can be with this guidance.

Consider the Condition of Your Hair

Dyeing your hair super light or a pastel color works best with hair that has never been colored before, i.e., virgin hair. This is because the hair must be bleached before it can take whatever additional pastel color you are adding to it. Additionally, bleaching virgin hair isn’t the same as bleaching previously colored hair, as the desired color might take to it differently. This is not meant to discourage those with dyed hair from going pastel; it’s simply a suggestion that it could be a good idea to wait until more of your natural hair has grown back in before you go light.

Explore the Rainbow of Hair Colors

While pastels are light colors by nature, it doesn’t mean that they will all look the same. Just as you would when dyeing your hair any other color, think about which pastel hue will suit you and your skin tone best. Many celebrities have popularized silver, grey, and cotton candy pink, all of which can be cute and fun. Still, other colors exist. If you’re looking that goes against the grain, why not experiment with an ethereal blue? If you’re exploring your options but aren’t sure which one you want to commit to, using a root touch up powder can you test out different shades to find your favorite.

Take Care of Pastel Hair

Pastel hair color is trendy and all the rage, but it is also relatively high maintenance. To prevent your hair color from fading too quickly and having to redye it too often (which can damage it), try washing it less. Using root touch up powders as dry shampoos help extend the amount of time you can go between washing your hair. Root touch up powders can also be useful for covering up roots as they grow in in between hair color appointments. The less you get a full hair color dye job, the healthier your hair will be overall. This means that when you do decide to switch up your color, the dye will really make an impact, giving you the best chance that it will give you the results you were going for.

One of the great things about hair, colored or not, is that it is always temporary. Hair grows in and grows out, so why not have fun with it? Take part in the latest hair trends like pastel hair color and see how it works for you. Make the most of your pretty new hair color with root cover up solutions from Rootflage.

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