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Rootflage Temporary Hair Color is an Instant Mood Booster

Rootflage Temporary Hair Color is an Instant Mood Booster

Looking to put a smile on your face? One sure way to brighten anyone's day is to wear some fun color in their hair. Rootflage temporary hair color is a super fun and easy way to add color to your hair without the damage or commitment.
rootflage temporary hair color powder etheral blue
Rootflage can spice up the most simple day or perk up even the drabbest day.
This pigmented powder gives instant satisfaction and results. It is a great way to express yourself creatively! You can overlap colors to create new colors and looks. One bottle can last for quite a while, especially if you are adding fun pops of color.
Rootflage can show on any hair color, no bleach necessary!
Rootflage shows on dark hair
Rootflage is safe and fun for any age. Looking for a unique party activity? Have a Rootflage Unicorn party! You can create color contests and challenges!
Rootflage temporary hair color is safe for kids and tweens

Rootflage is available in pastel and vivid fashion colors. It goes on in seconds and washes out easily. Unleash your inner unicorn with Rootflage Renegade.

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