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Does Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Powder REALLY Work on Dark Roots and Blonde Hair?

Does Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Powder REALLY Work on Dark Roots and Blonde Hair?

Is there a temporary root touch up product that actually works to make brown hair look blonde?

It seems unlikely that a blonde root touch up actually works to conceal dark roots. After all, there are several root touch up products on the market and none seem to do a good job camouflaging dark roots. So a lot of people don't believe Rootflage will work. 

Here is the truth, Rootflage DOES work well to soften the contrast of dark roots. But there are a few things we need to get straight.

First is set your expectation. Rootflage is a powder, not a miracle worker. It will help the situation as a quick fix. It is not a substitute for long term hair color. It will brighten your hair by a few levels. It will help. A lot.

Second is read and follow instructions. A lot of people think they know the right way to apply and just go for it and get frustrated and think that it doesn't work. This video gives a few great tips on how to maximize the product and brighten your dark roots hair quickly and easily. One of the main points of the video is you actually need A LOT of blonde Rootflage product for it to work on very dark and stubborn hair color. Don't be shy with application. 

This video shows you how to apply if you want a bolder, more concentred blonde from your Rootflage.

This video is NOT how to apply a dark shade of Rootflage to conceal gray hair. We have made several other Rootflage videos focusing on darker shades and you how to get an effective and mess free application.

Third, if the product looks powdery in your hair, you might need a different shade. It should look seamless and not like powder in your hair. If it does not, you probably need a darker shade or a warmer shade. We do sell sample sizes so you can test all your favorite blonde shades out.

Lastly, remember we are always here to help if you need. We want to help you get the best possible results from Rootflage. 

We appreciate you taking the time to learn how to apply Rootflage properly. xoxo

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