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Helpful tips for gracefully growing out blonde hair to gorgeous ombre

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So you are ready for a change? You have been trying to grow out your blonde hair to your natural color for years now but have been too chicken or too frustrated with the process?

Now is the perfect time since ombre is still on trend. Plus let's face it, your hair could use a break from all that over processing.

temporary ombre haircolor


The second and third months of regrowth are the hardest when that harsh dark line of demarcation rears it's ugly head. There is no need to grin and bear it. 

Luckily there is an easy solution! One bottle of Rootflage ($22) will instantly and temporarily camouflage your roots and get you through the awkward 2 and 3 month mark. 

Just choose your color!

You can either go darker sooner or hang on to your light color longer by softening the dramatic contrast between dark and light which eases you into an ombre look gracefully without the awkward inbetween phase. The best part is no one will know but you the transformation you are making until you are ready for the final reveal!

Once you are past that you are in the clear. You are finally the ombre goddess you always wanted to be! Your hair will be healthier. Happier. Your wallet will thank you. It is the risk free way to go!

Go ahead girlfriend. Take the ombre plunge. You know you want to!

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