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Rootflage is like a hairdresser in a bottle


We all love our hairdressers, right? And wouldn't it be amazing if we could take them with us whenever we needed them to touch up our hair? If you are high budge, maybe you can. And if you can that is amazing. But for those of us that can't, Rootflage is the next best thing! Rootflage is like a hairdresser in a bottle! At least when it comes to color.


Rootflage subtly camouflages your roots in with your already existing blonde highlights. Rootflage is a blonde powder that takes seconds to apply with no drying time. Just blend with your fingers and go.  It couldn't be easier. It stays in your hair until you wash it out, and Rootflage won't rub off on your pillow.


Rootflage is a perfect travel companion when you are far away from your hairdresser and favorite salon. Rootflage doubles as a dry shampoo to help if you are on the go. Plus Rootflage has natural sunscreen in it to help protect your hair and scalp. 



Rootflage is like a hairdresser in a bottle

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