How blondes can save money each year on highlighting hair

Professionally highlighting your hair blonde and maintaining it is a luxury. Each highlight appointment can run from between $80-$150 dollars on average. Thankfully there is a blonde beauty product that will cover your roots and help save you money between highlight appointments. Rootflage is a temporary mineral powder root touch up you can apply on root regrowth between appointments to camouflage your roots.


There is no doubt Rootflage will save you money. But exactly how much money will Rootflage save you? Let's be conservative. If you go to the salon every 6 weeks and pay $80 to get your hair highlighted, that means you go 8.6 times a year and spend $688 on highlights each year. Rootflage will easily give you an extra 2 weeks between salon visits. So if you use Rootflage, you can go every 8 weeks, that means you go 6.5 times a year and spend $520 on highlights each year.

Rootflage will save you $168 a year! 

Of course we need to factor in the cost of Rootflage. $22 for a bottle of Rootflage has approximately 30 applications.

If you bought 3 bottles that should cover you for the year. That saves you over $100 not to mention gas and time you are saving as well. Oh and Rootflage doubles as a dry shampoo which will save you even more time, and water! If you like saving money, time and valuable resources, do yourself a favor and buy some Rootflage today!


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