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Rootflage's 2nd Ever Product Review with Live (gasp) Video from Fitnessmomwinecountry

I was approached by a blonde fitness blogger who found Rootflage on Facebook. She said she didn't see how on earth the product would work. She was pretty skeptical and wanted to do a live video blog of her attempt at using the product. We sent her a Rootflage Cool Blonde and a Light Blonde. After making her video she contacted me and she said that she was pleasantly surprised by the product and gave Rootflage an A/A-. She said she could see Rootflage making a real difference clearly right in front of her eyes.


Here she is Fitnessmomwinecountry from beautiful Sonoma, California testing out Rootflage.


Quick Fix in Between Salon Visits

We all have “roots” you know those dark OR gray areas of hair that grow out in between our salon visits.  If you don’t then you are either much younger than I am and am enjoying your natural color OR you are just lucky.

Anyway, being a blonde {yes I was actually a “toe head” blonde my entire childhood} I am needing to head to the salon about every 6-8 weeks, depending on my time, my enthusiasm, or budget and when those dark roots hit, I don;t know about you, but I get “grumpy”.  There is just something about having our hair done and kept up.

I happen to stumble across a site called  Rootflage and thought to myself “what”?  So I had to check this out and as I did I found myself going through this site with curiosity and some hesitation and doubt.  After watching the video that Lucy had made and having read everything I could, I had to contact her.

I was sent 2 boxes of Rootflage “Cool Blonde” and “Light Blonde“. The timing was perfect as I was literally in between salon visits.  Check out my video here and see.

Now it is difficult to tell in the video as I stated, but I am telling you I was really impressed with the “quick fix”.  That is exactly what Rootflageis a “quick fix” for any occasion that you would need to touch up the roots in a hurry.  I used both colors for different days or just for even heading to the market, etc.  I was pretty happy with the product and would use it again.  Especially since my hubby actually noticed that my hair had looked “lighter”.

Go check out Rootflage on facebook and give her a “like” and maybe let her know that Fitnessmomwinecountry sent you 



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