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Three ways to apply Rootflage temporary root touch up powder

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There are 3 ways to apply Rootflage temporary root touch up. You heard me right. THREE WAYS! It's exciting to have so many options, I know.

Sometimes you are looking for chunky all over color, other times you want detailed coverage. Look at all that variety, you can use whatever method works best for you!

    1. Apply Rootflage directly onto dry hair by firmly tapping pink brush head, brushing powder onto roots and blending. Powder will come through a small hole in the center of the brush.

    2. Apply Rootflage by carefully unscrewing pink brush head and dipping corner of pink brush into powder. Apply powder to your roots and blend with pink brush.

    3. For a detailed application unscrew pink brush head (or Rootflage refill lid) and dip a small precision brush into powder and apply to your roots, blend with brush.

  • Apply a light mist of hairspray to ensure Rootflage won’t rub off.

    Now you are ready to take on the world feeling confident and fabulous.

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