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Foolproof Do It Yourself Blonde Root Touch Up. Saves you time, money and keeps you stress free!

Have you ever looked in the mirror only to see your blonde highlights growing out and your roots growing back with a vengeance? And your hair appointment isn't for another 2 weeks. But you want your roots taken care of now!!?! Desperation creeps up. You call other stylists to make an appointment with no avail. You consider your options. You go to the local drug storeand buy a blonde touch up kit so you can highlight your own hair. How hard can it be, right? You buy it, and without another thought you start coloring your own roots. But it doesn't turn out how you had hoped. Your roots are now orange. Blotchy. Worse problem than when you started. You can't take it any more so you go buy a bottle of brown hair dye. Now you've done it. Big color, no depth, no highlights, absolutely unflattering color that washes you out and looks slightly green to boot. It means hats, scarves and giant glasses for the next couple of weeks until your hairdresser can undo the damage you created. BUT WAIT! There is an easy solution!


Imagine this instead. You look in the mirror only to see your blonde highlights growing out. NO PROBLEM. Rootflage is perfect to cover your roots between colorings. This is an easy temporary fix! You simply apply Rootflage Blonde Powder onto your existing roots to blend them away. Do it Yourself Hair Color has never been easier or more foolproof. Simply brush it onto your dry hair and blend with your fingers. No color on your hands, just your hair!  You just touched up your own roots temporarily. Problem solved in less than a minute. Portable and easy to do. Washes out with no problem too! You can apply as often as needed until you have your hair appointment. Your hair dresser will be stoked that you didn't take drastic measures with your hair. You will be stoked you didn't do anything severe. And imagine all the stress and money you just saved yourself. It comes in 3 shades of blonde to suit all the blonde tones out there. There is Rootflage light blonde, Rootflage warm blonde, and Rootflage cool blonde.


Do yourself a favor and save your sanilty.  Buy and keep a bottle of Rootflage on hand, you will be thankful you did!  Hurray for all the future good hair days!



Quick. Hide those roots.

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