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Introducing Rootflage

Introducing Rootflage

Hello! Have you met my friend Rootflage? No? Let me introduce you because it is one of my very best friends. No really.  Meet Rootflage.  Rootflage (as in camouflage your roots)  always brightens me up whe I'm feeling dark, travels with me wherever I go, flatters me, lifts me, tones me down when needed, get's me out of awkward situations, is completely low maintenance, and doesn't weigh me down. Pretty much all around rad. But to be fair I have to admit our friendship is pretty one sided. 

Really excited to launch Rootflage's 3 shades of blonde. It is a perfect temporary color base bump to camouflage your unwanted roots. Not only that but the application couldn't be easier. It takes about 30 seconds. Just apply to dry hair anywhere you want to brighten your roots, and blend with your fingers and go. Choose from Cool Base, Warm Base, and Light Base. Rootflage makes those last few awkward weeks before your next highlight completely bearable.


Hurray! It is the best feeling ever to be a low maintenance and blonde! 

Viva blonde! Viva Rootflage!

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