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Confessions of a Lazy Blonde

I don't like admitting when I am being lazy, but I think it's time I fessed up. I can be really L A Z Y about getting my roots done.   I admit it! Sometimes it helps me knowing that the rooty look is in right now, so I can get away with it, right?  But the truth for me is I always feel a thousand times better about myself when my roots are touched up or at least look like they are. I had to push back my hair appointment once again because my son was in a school performance they sprung on us a few days before (which I would never want to miss). So I turn to Rootflage. Hurray! No one has to know how bad my roots really are! And the great news is my highlight appointment is rescheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully nothing else happens between then and now to push back tomorrow's appointment! :)


Confessions of a Lazy Blonde


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