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Top 10 Reasons You Should Use Rootflage

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The TOP 10 reasons you should be using Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up between salon appointments.

#10 You work long hours.

You can't slow down to get your hair colored.

You need something to tide you over, like NOW.  

#9 You are a stay at home mom, you have a hair appointment scheduled, but your kid is sick. You have no babysitter or back up plan. Oh and your colorist doesn't have an opening for 2 weeks!


#8 You are impulsive when you can't get a hair appointment when you want and you are thinking about doing your hair color yourself.

#7 You are broke! You need to find a way to make ends meet and maintaining hair color isn't fitting the budget.

#6 You are on vacation and your hair colorist won't fit in your suitcase.

#5 You don't feel like shampooing your hair today.

#4 Your colorist is on maternity leave. The newbie is filling in while she is away.

#3 You want to dye your hair less to keep your hair healthy.

#2 Your hair color is fading or not the tone you want and Rootflage has so many colors to choose from!


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