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How to temporarily get fun fashion hair color between salon appointments -root touch up or overall color

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Create a whole new look or touch up existing fashion hair colors!

If your hair is a fun fashion color like pink, purple, blue or green and the maintenance is too much to handle Rootflage Renegade is here for you. Now you can temporarily conceal your roots between hair appointments with our vivid and pastel colors! Quick and easy to apply. Here is a video showing you what to expect with Rootflage Renegade.


Both vivid and pastel shades work easily on light hair. You may be asking will it work on my darker hair? Rootflage Renegade may just surprise you. The vivid shades are bold enough to soften your roots. You may be asking will Rootflage Renegade get all over my pillow and clothes? If you apply hairspray to your hair after applying Rootflage Renegade the color should stay in place. You may be wondering how long will it last? Rootflage Renegade should wash out in 1-3 shampoos.

Bring out your inner unicorn with Rootflage Renegade!

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