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Meet Lucy Williamson O'Quinn, a Southern California native who has been playing around with hair color since the Flock of Seagulls started using hairspray. She lives in San Clemente, California with her husband, 2 kids and Australian Shepherd. She finds great joy balancing her family life and work life. Lucy is a big fan of giant sunglasses, 60's fashion and listening to music at all times (preferably 80's alternative). Spending quality time at the beach on a sunny day, spontaneous dance parties and general randomness are a few things she highly appreciates. She is passionate about sharing her fantastic product with the world to help everyone maintain their gorgeous color longer.

Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Company Information


About Rootflage/Company

Rootflage temporary root touch-up was invented purely out of necessity. Creator Lucy Williamson O'Quinn went to the beauty supply store in 2012 and left in awe when she found there was no product that worked well for blondes to cover their roots between salon appointments. As a lightbulb appeared over her head, she realized something must be done, and she was just the girl to do it.

Lucy recently added more colors to her Rootflage line so her brunette and red head friends can save time and money too!

The company's mission is to help women quickly, easily and affordably extend the life of their hair color between salon appointments.

Rootflage is located in beautiful San Clemente, California.

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Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Company Information

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Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Company Information



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