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Rootflage Temporary Root Touch Up Testimonials


 "Rootflage is a product that I can't ever be without again"

The Bragging Mommy

Authentic Rootflage Reviews from Online Customers

It really worked!
I have to be honest....I didn't think it would really work...but, with my travel schedule I am not always able to get to the salon at exactly 4 weeks and I HATE my roots! So, I thought I'd give it a try. It worked very well! Made it appear that my highlights went right to my scalp and looked very natural! Love it!
I'm a forever fan!
I found this product through an internet search after seeing an ad for a different root camouflage product. This one seemed more appealing both in price and in functionality. I love the applicator and LOVE that I was able to buy a low cost sample set so I could see which shade of blonde was best. It provides a soft blending of darker roots, so my r...
Thank you...
Am loving rootflage have searched everywhere for a product that will cover my unsightly regrowth and I now have it. Fantastic product, great price and the quickest deliveries... Thank you
Rootflage will be in my life forever!
I just received it tried it for the first time. It works amazing well. My hair looks sunkissed and I have lots of volume! It blends in so easily. I can't stop looking in the mirror! I would recommend Rootflage to a friend.
Great product, love it, gets
Great product, love it, gets me more time in between salon appointments.

Only thing is screw up mechanism came off and brush gets squashed trying to put lid on.
This product really works! It covers my blonde grow out perfectly and helps me stretch it to my next color appointment. I would highly recommend this product!
Cool Blonde Root Touch Up
I love this product and will absolutely buy it again. I wasn't happy with my last salon visit but the touch up powder is getting me through until my next appointment. I would definitely recommend it. The only drawback is the cap. It's hard to get the bristles back under the cap without bending them.
Nothing ever works for my dark roots.. I mean black.. This makes it look so natural, blends right in, and doesn't look powdery in my hair at all!
I love it!!
Rootflage is fabulous!!! It covers my very dark roots perfectly. There is no other product on the market which can compared with it. This one is the best!
Very happy with this product which was recommended by a blonde friend as it worked so well for her. It took a try or two to get the hang of how much to apply but after that it was easy going! Extending the time between salon appointments helps and I would really recommend!

Debra K.

Life has changed for this blonde!

I am loving Rootflage! It blends perfectly with my blonde highlights, is very easy and quick to use. I will definitely buy this fab product for as long as I colour my hair. I also appreciated the great communication and fast postage from the States as well as the free full sized version of a different shade of blonde to the one I had actually purch...
Loving it!
Rootflage looks great and is simple to use!
Danel McCartin
BEST PRODUCT, EVER!!!  Where have u been my whole life?
where have you been all my life? ?  09/11/14
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
This product is amazing. I love it! Great concept and it works. I have told all my friends about it and will be buying it again.


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Rootflage was chosen as a #1 beauty must have in Reign Magazine!

Rootflage was chosen by Beautiful Makeup Search as a top 25 beauty products to get you through the end of summer!

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Rootflage is featured on Fox News!

Beth's Adventures In Wonderland wrote:

"I am seriously impressed with this product. I think this product is absolutely amazing!"

The Blonde Blogger wrote:

"Rootflage completely hid the roots and gave me a gorgeous, warm blonde color immediately! I was honestly shocked as I did not think it would work that well or be that easy. I thought it would slightly lessen the darkness of the roots, but it really made them look blonde! I was hooked from first application!"


The Blonde Latte Wrote:


FitnessMomWineCountry Said:

"I'll be darned. I give it an A/A-"


Mama Momtourage said:

"Basically, it's the"

 Budget Beauty Site said"

"it actually works!" and "this stuff really is the best!"


Your Beauty Fix Mag said,

"I truly love this product!"

The Wee Blondie said,

"I use it everyday without fail and couldn't recommend it enough!"


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