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Roots are inevitable for anyone who colors their hair. Here at Rootflage, we understand the frustration of keeping up with your roots. Doing your roots yourself at home can be difficult, and going to a salon can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we offer a wide selection of root touch up powders for people looking to cover their roots as they grow in. Whether you live in California or elsewhere in the US, whether you’re a blond, red head, or a brunette, and whether you have silky straight or curly locks, Rootflage has the root touch up powder you need for color-treated hair.

Temporary Root Touch Ups in California

Colored hair requires proper care and regular maintenance. While this could include regular visits to the hair salon, it doesn’t have to. Keeping your color-treated hair looking as great as the day you got your walked out of the salon is easy with Rootflage’s temporary root touch up solutions. Root touch up powders extend the lifespan of a dye job, meaning you won’t have to color your hair as often. This is not only a more affordable way to preserve your colored hair but is also great for preventing damage. 

What We Offer

  • Root Touch Up Powder in California for Blondes: No one has to know that you’re not a natural blonde. Blonde root touch up powder softens the appearance of roots as they grow in, making your coloring look like a natural transition. We have 7 shades of blonde root touch up colors to choose including platinum, smoky blonde and strawberry blonde.
  • Root Touch Up Powder in California for Brunettes: Whether you have chocolate brown locks or a soft chestnut hue, Rootflage has the brown root touch up powder you need to preserve healthy hair while covering up roots. The tone of your touch up matters. We have 7 shades of brown to choose from, spanning from our golden brown to our brown black.
  • Root Touch Up Powder in California for Black Hair: From concealing thinning hair to doubling as a dry shampoo, temporary black root touch up products from Rootflage are a simple and effective way to keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy.
  • Root Touch Up Powder in California for Redheads: Keep your red hair looking strong with the simple red hair root touch up powder from Rootflage. Don’t let the grow out or fade give your true hair color away. We have multiple shades of red root touch up that go from a natural hue to bright and bold. You can even mix and layer colors to create a custom look.

Touch Up Your Roots with Rootflage in California

Using Rootflage’s touch up powders for color treated hair is great for:

  • Preserving color without causing damage
  • Acting as a dry shampoo
  • Hiding roots as they grow in
  • Extend the time in between hair salon appointments
  • Concealing thinning hair

Additional benefits and features of root touch up powders include:

  • A single nine-gram bottle may last for months (60 applications or more)
  • Easily washes off with shampoo
  • Portable size
  • Available in over 30 colors
  • Easy application via small detail brushes and large kabuki brushes

 Why Choose Rootflage?

Rootflage’s temporary root touch up products can be used for so many applications including filling in thinning hair, filling out eyebrows, concealing grown-in roots, acting as a dry shampoo, and more. Great for both men and women, our root touch up powders are vegan and cruelty-free. They do not contain any phthalates, synthetic fragrances, gluten, or parabens and are backed by Rootflage’s quality-assured satisfaction guarantee.

For questions about our temporary hair root touch up products in California or for help finding the right shade, feel free to contact us today. Email Rootflage at


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