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Cotton Candy Pink Temporary Root Touch Up Pastel Hair Color

Temporary Root Touch Up

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Looking for a hint of FUN non-committal pastel hair color in your life? Rootflage Renegade will temporarily leave a kiss of pastel color in your hair. Whether you are touching up your roots, or creating a whole new look Rootflage Renegade is sure to bring out your wild side. Cotton Candy Pink works best for light or gray hair and will not work on dark hair.

  • 10 grams of Rootflage Renegade mineral powder will hide light or blonde root regrowth and temporarily brighten your roots or hair.
  • Wear until you wash it out. Might last a few shampoos.
  • Portable, fun and awesome.
  • Do yourself a favor and order now!

Rootflage Renegade is pigmented, quick-fix temporary color with no harmful chemicals that will temporarily bring out your wild side. Forget matted mascaras or sticky sprays, Rootflage Renegade will add volume to your hair and leave it soft without damaging your locks.


It is very important to read and follow the directions before applying.

How to apply:

Be sure to protect your clothing and counter with a towel.

Firmly tap pink brush head on hair until powder dispenses through hole in center of brush. Blend powder in a downward motion. If you are applying beyond your roots, place one hand under hair as you apply down the shaft of your hair. Keep tapping and blending until desired look is achieved.

Get inspired, be creative!

If you want a heavier application carefully unscrew brush head and dip brush directly into the powder and apply to your hair. Wash your hands with soap and water or clean up with a wet wipe.

If you prefer not having Rootflage on your scalp, apply carefully covering your part line with your hand or a hold a q-tip flat along your part line.

Please note that Rootflage Renegade is not water resistant.


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